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Next To Me -

Next To Me

Released May 14, 2014 

Written by T. Williams-Clark and C. Perridge

Stormy Monday - Single

Stormy Monday


Stirring acoustic rendition of the Aaron "T.Bone" Walker classic "Stormy Monday".


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Tamika Williams-Clark

PRODUCERS: Tamika Williams-Clark & Simon Russell

The Art of Letting Go - CD

The Art of Letting Go


Funk, Rock, and Blues collide to tell stories of life-lessons learned while trying to balance life and social concerns.

RELEASE DATE: March 31, 2009

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Tamika Williams-Clark

PRODUCERS: Jamie Hawkins & Jimi Fischer


My Message - CD

My Message



A Soulful R&B, funk, jazz flavored collection of songs that will make you dance, cry, and reflect.

RELEASE DATE: November 13, 2001

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Tamika Williams-Clark

PRODUCER: Jimi Fischer


I Love Macaroni & Cheese eBook


Buy My Book Today!

Celebrate with me as I've launched my very first cookbook showcasing how I lost over 60 lbs in almost a year by changing my eating habits. This cookbook tells the story of my journey and provides actual recipes that I've created specifically for my personal weight loss program.

With the help with Enjunaya Canton's "MEF Fitness" program and my recipes for weight loss success, I happily enjoyed each meal.

In the past, I was a heavy sugar addict. My love for sugar and wheat-based products attributed to my weight gain.

Through experimentation with other types of nut flours, starches, and alternative sweeteners, I designed tasty, yet healthy traditional African-American soul food and comfort food recipes.

I am excited to say that not only have I been able to eat healthy, but others have requested my delectable dishes regularly and were actually interested in paying for them, both raw and prepared dishes.

I thought with the success of repeat orders that I could really help others achieve weight loss, while eating some really good food!

I am happy to say that my recipes are easy to follow and are a success in all kitchens across America.

I am glad that I able to help myself, as well as contribute to the greater good of all who are interested in achieving a goal of losing weight and eating and healthy.

Surprisingly, the added bonus of changing my eating habits resulted in clearing up various conditions that I had like borderline diabetes and pre-hypertension. I avoided having to take medicine all because of this change in my diet.

Check out my book for yourself. It's worth it! It is only $10.00 and please, give me your feedback, take pictures of your dishes from the book and I will post them on my blog.

*Happy Eating*

Signed with a Spoon,

Tamika Nicole


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